Howdy friends.

I’m writing you from chilly but gorgeous Fraser, Colorado, where Sweeps’ Software Engineer Bryce Holcomb has opened up his home for a 4 day retreat.  We’re up here skiing, cooking, and spending valuable time working together. We are a distributed team and primarily work remotely, so it is always a treat for us to all be together.

Sweeps leaders hit the slopes

Sweeps Founder Morris and Software Engineer Bryce take a break from it all to search for fresh powder.

Last night we sought to finalize a conversation we started a few months ago: to clarify Sweeps’ Mission. While we are still working on a concise mission statement, we were able to isolate a set of goals and principles we all share towards Sweeps. In no particular order, they are:

  • To create something which benefits everyone it touches, and to touch millions of people.
  • To work well, healthily, and productively.
  • To be continually curious and to always be learning.
  • To be free in our lives to do the things we love.

The essence of our mission has more or less remained the same since I have been a part of Sweeps (February, 2014), and from conversations with Sweeps Founders Mary Lou and Morris Gelblum I know that concepts similar to the ideas stated above have been present since the beginning. Rather than give you a history lesson covering the different iterations of Sweeps’ mission statements (you can probably see some of them in old blog posts), I want to talk about what our goals and ideas mean for Sweeps’ future.

Let me tell you, the future is bright!

Let me tell you, the future is bright!

We already know what kind of impact Sweeps has made in the world. College students have given thousands of people assistance with tasks and projects which would be difficult or impossible for people to get done without help. Students earn a remarkable $15 per hour and work flexibly so that they can work without sacrificing attention to their education. Sweepers and Job Posters are forming bonds and connecting on a deeper level beyond the task at hand.

Whether all of our users are aware of it or not, they are participating in something great and large, and allowing for a mutually beneficial economy to develop and thrive.

The fact of the matter is Sweeps is awesome to Morris, Bryce, and myself. We have the flexibility to work on the things we care about, when we want to, and where we want to. We see no reason this cannot be shared with every hard-working and aspirational college student out there.

During the rest of this retreat, Morris, Bryce, and myself are carefully considering what Sweeps is and how we can continue to create it in a way to satisfy our shared goals and thoughts. We are sourcing feedback from Sweepers and Job Posters to guide us as we move forward, as ultimately, Sweeps is for them. We are seeking to lay out a roadmap for 2016 which we hope everyone will be excited about. If you have any ideas, thoughts, or knowledge to share with us as we embark forward, please get in touch.

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