1. Wrap gifts
  2. Build a brick path
  3. Unload a trailer
  4. Clean baseboards
  5. Direct traffic for a party
  6. Pack boxes
  7. Clean a sailboat
  8. Stock vending machines
  9. Organize emails
  10. Walk the dog
  11. Move furniture when floors get redone
  12. Take trophies to the trophy shop for engraving
  13. Pick up prescriptions
  14. Organize the attic
  15. Rake leaves
Sweepers David and Will know how to put it all together.
Sweeper Amanda built a brick pathway this Fall.
  1. Rake leaves
  2. Move refrigerators 
  3. Mount a television
  4. Learn how to use an iPad
  5. Put up holiday decorations
  6. Help your mother with light yard work
  7. Paint the garage
  8. Move the washer and drier inside
  9. Regular cleaning
  10. Bartend a party
  11. Emergency moving help
  12. “Honey Do” jobs that you just don’t want to do
  13. Fold laundry
  14. Pick up groceries
  15. Videotape an event
  16. Update your website
  1. Pull down wallpaper
  2. Update your resume
  3. Remove a fence
  4. Make money as a college student!
Sweepers at the Alzheimer’s Walk in Wilmington, NC

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