Summer’s on its way out, but that doesn’t mean your garden has to go with it! It’s September, and you still have a few weeks to plant flowers and trees in your garden. You still have time to see flowers bloom and vegetables grow. Or plant now so you have fuller and brighter blooms in the coming spring. Either way, you should take advantage of the early fall weather to spruce up your yard. Check out our top 5 ideas for things to plant in your yard this September.

Red Maple Tree

The red maple is often regarded as the most common tree in the South. If you don’t already have some of these trees in your yard, consider planting some to spruce things up. They’ll brighten up your yard as fall rolls in. ‘October Glory’ and ‘Red Sunset’ are some of the most vibrant red varieties of the tree. Plant early in the season to reap full benefits! Before planting, take a look at this article from Gardening Know How on how to care for your red maple tree.


Pansies love sun and cool weather. To fully enjoy them, plant in early fall for a full 8-10 months of bloom! They bloom in both fall AND spring. If it’s still hot where you are, plant your pansies under some shade now so that they’ll get full sun when the leaves fall (and then shade again when spring arrives!). Check out this pansy guide from Better Homes & Gardens to help you decide exactly when, where, and which pansy variety to plant.


Fruits & Veggies

Fall is the perfect time to grow your vegetable garden. Plant arugula, spinach, flowering kale, and other greens now to harvest into November. You also may want to plant some fruits and vegetables now to harvest next year. Blueberries, garlic, and lettuce can be planted now to harvest in the coming spring. For a list of vegetables to plant in September by region, check out this list.


Poppies require a period of dormancy and exposure to cold weather before blooming in spring and early summer. Sow poppy seeds in your garden in the fall to enjoy a bright bloom in the spring. As beautiful flowers with relatively short bloom-span, it’s best to plant alongside other plants in your garden.


Spring-blooming Plants

Speaking of planning ahead, it’s best to plant your spring-blooming bulbs during the fall. Like poppies, many spring-blooming flowers have more beautiful and full blooms with a cold period, when they can grow roots and settle into the soil. Check with local nurseries to find out which bulbs are suited for your location in the spring, and which of those you should plant right away.


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