Hundreds of businesses from local mom and pops to Fortune 100 corporations have hired college students through Sweeps to do all sorts of things. Read on to see how we can help your business.

1. Content

College students write hundreds of pages to graduate, and much prefer to get paid for doing it. Get a boost in SEO (search engine optimization), search rankings, keywords, and establish your company as a thought leader by hiring Sweepers to write intelligent, contextual content.

2. Design

Talented college student designers have helped companies get started with logo and brochure design, improved existing websites, mock-up tee shirts, and much more. Also see the next point if you need help with what to redesign.

3. User Testing

Read about, or better yet watch as Sweepers use your site, product, or anything else and get honest, intelligent feedback.

4. Market Research and Surveys

Do you really know your customers? Hold interviews or meetings with college students that meet your criteria and learn about your product or service. Design, or have trained students design surveys and carry out surveys to get real data.

5. Digital Presence

You probably have enough to do without remembering to check, post, and engage on Google, Yelp, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, forums, Instagram, and all the other platforms. College students stay current with all these and more, and love to help businesses optimize their social and web profiles. Find customers where they are online and get new leads and handle support.

To get started, post a job now, or call us at 919-628-0828.