1. Pack everything way before you move.

You don’t want to be scrambling around to pack things into boxes when you should be moving things into a car or truck, so make sure you start early and finish packing before moving day.

2. Enlist help.

Moving is a huge job, so it helps to get a little help from your friends. 🙂 Sweeps can help you with your move, from organizing things in your house, to doing the packing for you, to taking care of everything on moving day and getting you set up in your new home.

3. Use sturdy clothing, blankets, and towels as packing material.

You’ll save money and space!

4. Keep clothes on the hangers

(the ones you don’t want to pack with, that is) and put a trash bag over them to transfer your closet easily. Then you just have to carry the bag.

5. Label the sides of your boxes to save you lots of stress later on.

If you want to get fancy, you can color code different rooms (such as blue for the kitchen, etc).

6. Pack heavy items like books in rolling suitcases.

You can also use laundry hampers, tote bags, etc to carry soft things in instead of buying more boxes.

7. Pack a “first day essentials” duffel

with things you’ll need for the first night in your first home, such as toiletries, supplies to unpack boxes like scissors, and a set of clothing.

8. Hold a yard sale or sell things online before you move.

It will cut down on how much stuff you have to pack and move!