There is a lot to think about in the days leading up to Thanksgiving. Sweeps wants you to enjoy your holiday, so we made a checklist for you. Get ahead of the week and check these items off now!

  • Make a list and get the groceries.

    By now, you should have your menu set. Check what ingredients you’re missing and go ahead and get them before the Wednesday rush. And don’t forget the beer and wine if you’re drinking!Berkeley_Bowl

  • Decorate the house.

    Get those floral centerpieces arranged, put a handcrafted paper turkey on the table, and set a festive fall-colored wreath on the front door.

  • Finalize who’s bringing what.

    If you’re having a lot of people over, make sure you know who’s bringing which dish. This way, you won’t have repeats or miss any essential dishes.

  • Start defrosting your frozen turkey.

    Turkeys take more than just a few hours to thaw, depending on their weight. Check out this chart to find out how many days your turkey needs to defrost in the refrigerator.

  • Pick up some firewood for the post-dinner bonfire.

    Do your post-Thanksgiving feast activities include a bonfire? If so, don’t take the chance on rainy branches. Pick up some firewood while you’re out getting groceries or running other errands. It’ll make for a hassle-free session of warmth and coziness!Lagerfeuer

  • Create a cooking schedule. Set alarms on your phone.

    The last thing you want to do is burn the turkey or be worried about the timing of each dish on Thanksgiving day. Do the work ahead of time and plan out your cooking schedule. Then, set alarms on your phone with notes that tell you when to start baking the stuffing, when to take the turkey out of the oven, and when to start prepping the macaroni and cheese. This way, you can go about your tasks one at a time without worry you’ll miss the next one.

  • Clean up the guest room and living room.

    If your children are coming home for the holidays, or you have other family or friends coming into town, make sure they have a nice place to sleep. Set out clean, fresh sheets and towels for your guests.

  • Collect some movies or toys for the kids.

    You’ll want to make sure the younger attendees are busy after dinner so the adults can have some time to unwind and relax with beer and Thanksgiving Day football. Get some movies and a DVD player for the older kids and toys for the younger ones, so they can have fun, too.

  • Clean out your fridge to make space for leftovers to come.

    Be easy on your post-cooking and post-dinner self and clear out space for leftovers ahead of time. You don’t want to be dumping out old food on the night of Thanksgiving, desperately looking for a place to put that casserole.

  • Make sure dishes are clean and organized for easy access.

    Clean and stow away your dishes, then take inventory of all the dishes and serving utensils you have. Need more to handle the holiday food? Add that to your list when you hit the grocery store.800px-1971_HakujiSendan-Sara_Masahiro-Mori


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