What is the Sweeper Spotlight?

Each week Sweeps features a Sweeper and donates $15 to the organization or cause of their choice. For more information on the program click here.

Nic has selected the American Red Cross for his $15 donation.

Red Cross “exists to provide compassionate care to those in need.”

Learn more about what the American Red Cross does by checking out their website.

It’s a miracle Nic has time to work so many Sweeps jobs.

With an average of about three Sweeps jobs per week, plus classes and participation in UNC’s entrepreneurship club, student government environmental affairs, and the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity, Nic must be a pretty busy guy. A computer science and business major, he wants to use his studies to “bring an idea to life,” whether that’s managing or working for a tech startup.

“I love Sweeps for its extreme flexibility to work with my very hectic schedule matched with its awesome hourly rate,” Nic said.

To thank him for being a “power Sweeper,” as one customer called him, Sweeps will donate to the American Red Cross, Nic’s fraternity’s national philanthropy, on Nic’s behalf this week.

“I believe that too often we are caught up in the moment and forget that disaster can happen, especially when we least expect it,” he said on why he values the organization.

Nearly 4 million people donate blood to the Red Cross each year, providing more than 40% of America's blood supply, according to the organization's website.

Nearly 4 million people donate blood to the Red Cross each year, providing more than 40% of America’s blood supply, according to the organization’s website.

In addition to hosting blood drives all across the nation, the Red Cross offers health and safety classes like CPR and First Aid training, supports military families, aids international humanitarian efforts, and responds to domestic disasters.

“Investing in future disaster relief is extremely important for a healthy and stable world to exist,” Nic said. The Red Cross provides “shelter, food, health and mental health services” to families and communities affected by disasters.

It’s clear Nic knows a little something about investing in the future — his dedication to reducing waste at UNC and to nurturing his own skills and entrepreneurial spirit tell us that much.

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