Ah, fall is finally here! Pumpkin carvings, corn mazes, and bonfires await you. But before you get to enjoying all those and more of fall’s delights, there are a few things you need to do around the house. Whether you need to prepare for winter or just freshen up your space after a hot summer, you’ll find this checklist useful.

1. Clean the gutters

Hopefully, you didn’t encounter the wrath of Hurricane Joaquin. But chances are, you still got a lot of rain this summer. Rain, coupled with heat and more storms, means you probably need to clean out your rain gutters, or hire someone to do it.

2. Perform a closet audit

In with the new, out with the old, right? Or maybe not. If you’re not shopping for a ton of new clothes for the fall and winter, you might be bringing some sweaters and jackets out of storage. And you’ll have to put away the shorts to make room for those bulky coats. Be sure to separate the clothes you don’t wear anymore and donate or sell them!

3. Restock your pantry, fridge, and cabinets

Swap out that lettuce for some pumpkin! (And cider, and sweet potatoes.) Cooler weather brings with it new flavors and recipes, and that means new ingredients. Fall is a good time to throw out old pantry foods and restock.

4. Shampoo carpet and vacuum upholstered furniture

Get ready for those fall gatherings by performing a detailed cleaning of your living room. You’ll want to make sure your carpet and furniture are nice and clean before friends and family come around for Thanksgiving!

5. Pack up and bring in your outdoor furniture

You might want to wait until after Thanksgiving bonfires to do this one, but you’ll want to bring in your patio furniture if it gets very cold where you live. If could rust or freeze, or get beaten up in rough weather. Move it to your screened-in porch, basement, or a storage unit.


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