Raccoon Sweeping 2

We have made some improvements to the equipment workflow to help answer perhaps our most frequently asked question:

“Do you provide equipment?” 

For All Users:

  • We will be adding more equipment options for more categories to better fulfill jobs.
  • We will be adding dynamic pricing to equipment charges and payouts to seek fair pricing and provide more equipment on more jobs.
  • Improving the equipment experience is a first step in an overall product direction towards Sweepers better indicating their availability, skills, experience, and equipment as part of their profiles. This will allow more jobs to be posted, fulfilled, and improve our ability to match the right Sweeper to the right job.

For Job Posters

  • Posting a Job: It is now easier and more straightforward to add equipment when you post a job. Once you choose a category while posting a job a list of equipment associated with that category will now appear on the first job page of the post a job form.

For Sweepers

  • Settings: You can now update the equipment you can provide on your Settings page (along with what types of jobs you want to work, where you want to work, etc.)
  • Job Competing & Time sheets: You can now indicate which equipment you can provide on specific jobs on the compete form and on time sheets.
  • Sweeps Applicants also now indicate what equipment they can provide on jobs as part of applying.
  • If you plan on working Sweeps jobs regularly, it might be good to invest in some of the above equipment. You’ll make your return on it in just a couple of jobs, and it would give you a leg up on other Sweepers who don’t have equipment. Just something to think about!