kassandra ofray

What is the Sweeper Spotlight?

Each week Sweeps features a Sweeper and donates $15 to the organization or cause of their choice. For more information on the program click here.

Kassandra has selected Go Conscious Earth for her $15 donation.

Go Conscious Earth’s mission is to work with African communities on simple projects like freshwater wells, schools, health clinics, sustainable farming and fishing, and long-term income generation.

Find out more about the organization by visiting their website.

If Sweeper Kassandra could, she’d probably be in many places, doing many things at once: volunteering at the museum of natural sciences, debunking the mysteries of science, working towards a degree, going on a new adventure, or hanging out at music festivals.

At a North Carolina music festival called Shakori Hills, Kassandra met Godi Godar, the founder of Go Conscious Earth. The charity “protects African rainforests and the animals that live there by partnering with indigenous communities to eliminate extreme poverty and cultivate sustainable practices.”

Kassandra she speaks to Godar every year at the festival. “Godi Godar, the son of the chief of his tribe, is a wonderful, passionate man.” She told the story of Godar’s dying mother who wished that her son would protect their people in the Democratic Republic of Congo, thus providing the impetus to found a nonprofit.

Donations to Go Conscious Earth in 2015 will fund drills for and construction of water wells, boats to transport support materials, and work trips.

You can read more about the nonprofit organization here.

When Kassandra’s not chatting with nonprofit founders at Shakori Hills, she’s studying the sciences or working Sweeps jobs.

“I’m a Sweeper because it is a convenient way to work around my busy school life,” she said. “What I like most about this job is that I really get to help people; most of the jobs I’ve worked have been for older people who couldn’t do the things I was doing, so it’s a really rewarding feeling.”

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