It’s now easier than ever to make passive income sharing Sweeps with your friends.

We’re entering our busy season and need more Sweepers to work jobs (like the open moves, events, cleans and more you can claim now).

Thus, we’re happy to introduce:

New Sweeper and Customer Sharing Pages

Sweeper Sharing Page


Referrals are split in two: 

Recruiting college students ($10 per new Sweeper)
Getting new customers
($15 per new customer)
more reward details and terms at your sharing page.

More Ways to Share

Social Sharing: easily share your code via Facebook, Messenger, and Twitter.
Email Sharing: send pre-populated emails to your friends, groups, and potential customers right from the Sharing Page.
Business Cards: we’re sending free Sweeps business cards with your referral code printed right on them to select Sweepers.
download, print, add your card and share fliers.
Other Ideas: write your code on whiteboards, chalk, send to your listservs and Facebook groups…share your code with whomever you think would be interested and make $.

Get Started at Your Referral Page, or visit Sweeps to Create an Account Now