North Carolina Couple Keeps Their Yard Tidy Remotely

Joe and Marilyn S. hadn’t laid eyes on their yard in Chapel Hill in a year and a half. The two were living on the other side of the world, Joe doing research at the University of Melbourne in Australia. His ground-breaking work towards improving the lives of disadvantaged children at the University of North Carolina led him to extend his foray into Childhood Development with Aboriginal communities in Australia.

Joe S. works with Aboriginal youth in Australia

Despite their prolonged absence from North Carolina, Joe and Marilyn returned to a fairly well-maintained yard. Instead of overgrown hedges and weeds ruling the landscape, their lawn more or less matched their neighbors’. “We relied on Sweeps to keep our yard in shape as we had rented our house.”

Over the past 16 months, Sweepers like Austin B. came weekly to weed, trim hedges, spread mulch, and pick up limbs.

Sweeper Austin B. worked weekly maintaining the yard

The Sweepers began to help the neighbors manage their yards as well. Austin even joined some of them one night for a 35 year running neighborhood dinner party!

Now that Joe and Marilyn are back, they are tackling some larger projects with Sweepers’ help. “On Tuesday Austin B. and I did some major cutting back and pulling stuff from an overgrown courtyard. It’s a beautiful lush tropical thing with ferns and a palm tree and had become overgrown. We ripped out a pickup truck load of stuff out of that space!”

“I like to work in the yard. I depend on the Sweepers for the heavy lifting,” stated Joe as he discussed why they continue to use Sweepers now that they are back.

On the most recent work day Austin took a selfie with Marilyn and Joe. They all look forward to much more work getting done!

Sweeper selfie with two Awesome Job Posters