Local threats courtesy WRAL Weather

Hurricane Florence is bearing down on North Carolina.

A major storm is coming and the threat is real. Please take proactive steps to prepare your family, home, and neighbors.

Recommended Preparations:
-Stock up on water and non-perishable foods.
-Prepare a first-aid kit for your home and each car.
-Collect any needed prescription and non-prescription drugs.
-Gather and take photos of key documents like passports and insurance information.
Print and use these checklists in preparation for the storm.

Sweepers Can Help

Entrepreneurial Sweepers are already out helping neighbors prepare for the hurricane.

As safety permits, Sweepers can help with many tasks, including:
-Shopping and errands
-Clearing out yard drains
-Organizing and labeling your supplies
-Cleaning and organizing your home

Please take this storm seriously, and let us know if we can assist.

Text 919-999-2820 


Post a Job Now

Post Your Job Now

*Please note:
-We may have limited availability but will be here to help as able.
-If you know of anyone that needs help, please let us know, regardless of their ability to pay.