What is the Sweeper Spotlight?

Each week Sweeps features a Sweeper and donates $15 to the organization or cause of their choice. For more information on the program click here.

Joseph has selected Western Wake Young Life for his $15 donation.

Young Life’s mission to introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith.

Find out more about the organization by visiting their website.

Congratulations to Sweeper Joseph for earning his degree in physical therapy from UNC! Joseph told Sweeps he had a passion for physical therapy because he “really enjoy empowering individuals to achieve their maximal functionality and transition to lifelong maintenance and wellness.” To honor his accomplishments, Sweeps has chosen to feature him on our blog and donate to the organization of his choice.

Joseph likes to work out, hike, explore new restaurants, and travel. In five years, he hopes to be working at a large healthcare system and teaching for a local physical therapy program.

For this week’s spotlight, Joseph asked Sweeps to donate to the Western Wake chapter of Young Life. Young Life helps young people develop the skills, assets and attitudes to reach their “full God-given potential.”

On why the organization is important to him, Joseph said, “Young Life seeks to mentor all types of high school students at a critical point in their lives. Leaders meet students where they are and help them feel valued.”

Learn more about the organization and how to donate here.

Customers love Joseph, who works mostly moving jobs, but enjoys the variation between each job. “I appreciate how every job is different, that I’m always going to a new place,” he said. “It’s also very flexible, so I can set my own schedule which is conductive to my other commitments.”

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