Today’s guest post on stress-free party planning comes from Jennifer Durbin of the Clueless Chick. Take it away, Jennifer!

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For many of us the holidays are anything but stress-free with all of the shopping, wrapping, cooking and endless events, so it can be overwhelming to think about adding party planning to your to do list.  Enter the Clueless Chick.  With Party Planning Tips for The Clueless Chick, your party planning will be, dare I say it), FUN!

So stop avoiding hosting a holiday party and start creating your guest list.  From a large holiday open house, to an intimate dinner party for six, there are a few party planning tips that are guaranteed to leave you looking for any excuse to have another party:

Have fun with it

  • Forget the stress of trying to throw the perfect Martha Stewart Holiday Party and focus on throwing a party that is all “you”! Pick a party theme that is easiest for you – if cooking is your least favorite pastime, have a cocktail party late in the evening when you will only need to serve light appetizers (which you can even buy at your local wholesale club).

Setup like a pro

  • Save yourself a lot of day-of stress by setting up as much as possible the day, or week, before the party.  You can also choose a menu that freezes well so that you can do a majority of your cooking the weekend before.  Don’t forget to setup with cleanup in mind.  Emptying your dishwasher before the party is an easy way to ensure that you have a place to stash dirty dishes throughout the party.


  • Hire a party planner, if it fits into your budget, and let the expert stress for you.  Or, a much more budget friendly option is to team up with a friend and co-host the party.  Find a friend with a “party ready” house and offer to bring the food – a perfect division of labor.  Don’t forget to enlist the help of your friendly local Sweeper for anything from running errands to post-party clean up.

Now that you’ve got the secret tips for stress-free party planning, it’s time to start planning!  You have a lot of work ahead of you, but every bit of it is worth it when you see the looks on your guests’ faces.  The most important thing to remember is to have fun!  Just remember to relax and enjoy every minute of the fabulous party you are about to throw.

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Jennifer Durbin is a Type A/OCD overachiever who is obsessed with over-researching everything.  Jennifer has turned her expertise in cutting through the noise and making research palatable into the Tips for The Clueless Chick™ series, life’s contemporary CliffsNotes™ for the modern woman. Jennifer received her MBA from Kenan-Flagler Business School, has a successful career in Information Technology and runs a popular Event Design business in Raleigh, NC where she lives with her husband and two small children.

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