Much of what we love about Sweeps is the bond we experience by connecting with our community. Every now and then, a customer will post a job that allows Sweepers to feel that bond in a special way. Earlier this month, a Durham couple hired Sweepers to help at their wedding ceremony and reception.

Four of our Sweepers – Kyndra, Nicole, Enrique, and Garrett – spent a Saturday serving food and drinks to guests at our customer’s wedding. In two teams, they tackled bartending and catering, and even valet service for seven hours. During the ceremony, Kyndra and Nicole set up the bar while Enrique and Garret prepared the buffet table. Later, they focused on serving and cleaning up.

“It was something I hadn’t done before,” Kyndra told us. “And it was cool getting to interact with a ton of different people with one job.”

Two months ago, the couple realized they would need extra help on their wedding day, and Sweeps was the perfect way to get it. And though a wedding planner initially hired the Sweepers, Kyndra told us the bride and groom personally approached and thanked her and the other Sweepers after their ceremony.

Kyndra, who has worked 30 jobs with Sweeps, said she enjoyed working the event. “It was my favorite job with Sweeps so far.”

Thanks for the great work, Kyndra, Nicole, Enrique, and Garrett!


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