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People often ask:

Why is your name Sweeps?  How did you come up with that?

The truth is, my mother, Mary Lou, and I came up with the name on one of our routine drives to Wadesboro, NC to visit family.

This was way back in 2004, when I was a junior at Broughton High School in Raleigh. You can look it up, Sweeps LLC: incorporated 11.29.2014!

Mary Lou and Morris 2006

I remember that drive, and the epiphany we thought we’d made with the name Sweeps, full of good vibes and connotations. However, that drive was just one of many of our brainstorms during those founding days, as we thought of ways to follow her father’s entrepreneurial footsteps and help me make a little $ to buy a car.

Since then, we’ve had thousands more Sweeps discussions as we’ve aged past 10 and developed from a small Raleigh cleaning company to a community of thousands of college students serving many more customers.

What hasn’t changed is our team’s daily discussions with Mary Lou, the Sweeps Mom, on matters from how to clean with vinegar, to how to inspire and motivate.

I’m thankful daily that we decided to start Sweeps, and that I still have the privilege to run a family business.