Updated Article 3.18.20: Sweeps Coronavirus Response


Stay Healthy

We hope you and your family are healthy and well. These are extraordinary times. Remember to cultivate your physical and mental health.

If you don’t take time for your wellness, you will be forced to take time for your illness. – Wellness Educator Joyce Sunada.

Sweeps is Open

We at Sweeps remain open. Sweepers are ready, need work and would love to help you get things done like:

  • Shopping and Errands 🧻: finding basics like toilet paper can require visiting multiple stores and hours in the checkout line. Sweepers are able to pick up and deliver items from restaurants, grocery stores, hardware stores or some combination. We can be a smart, non-contact shopper and deliver items curbside or to your front door.
  • Moving & Hauling 🚚: many households are limiting trips outside. Now is a great time to improve your environment and clear out extra stuff. Sweepers with trucks are at the ready.
  • Dog Walking 🐕‍🦺: dog walking jobs usually get filled in seconds!
  • Yard Work & Outside Jobs 🍀: experienced Sweepers can help in the yard and garden and areas outside your home. Jobs like mulching, weeding, and raking.
  • Virtual Work 👩🏽‍💻: Sweepers are adept at remote work including accounting, writing, social media, tutoring, research, digital organization, etc. For example you can join an experienced Sweeper on a video call to learn Spanish, math, or guitar!
  • Overdue Home & Office Projects 🏡: tackle a big project like building a fence, assembling a basketball goal or painting your shed.

Post a Job

ps: we are waiving all cancellation fees. If you post a job and decide against it, we understand and there is no penalty.

Blake & Richard at the grocery store

Safety First

Our number one priority is the safety and health of Sweepers, customers, and everyone in our communities. Sweeps will operate in a safe, hygienic matter.

Specific measures include frequent hand washing, non-contact deliveries, conversations between customers and Sweepers about safety concerns prior to job confirmation, and making sure that no Sweeper with symptoms is working. We will consistently be learning, enacting, and messaging about best practices.

Valentina on a Sweeps job

Sweepers are Ready, Healthy, & Need Work

Sweepers, like many in the service industry are in a particularly difficult position. Many pay their school tuition by working part-time jobs and use Sweeps to supplement their income.

With schools (and on-campus jobs) closing, small businesses struggling, and fewer Sweeps jobs being posted, Sweepers have a lot of availability combined with a desire to assist and a need to earn income.

Sweepers like Daniel are reaching out to us proactively to help out: ‘Hey, just letting you know with all that is going on, I am ready to work. If you have other Sweepers that cannot I can pick up extra.

Charlie, Davis, and Devin organizing and hauling

Going Forward

While we remain open, we do support social distancing and understand this may mean canceling on-site jobs at some point.

Accordingly, we are planning now to emphasize virtual work and to sell more Gift Certificates and Sweeps Gear.

Internally, we have already worked remotely for over 5 years and are prepared to stay open for the duration.

Thank You

From starting Sweeps with my mom, Mary Lou, in high school, through college at UNC, to a recent (Feb. 8th!) marriage, we are proud to have been an NC company for over 15 years.

We encourage you to continue to spend money at local small businesses that are likely going to need it over the next few months.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know as we can ever be helpful or to share your thoughts, ideas, or concerns with us. We sincerely appreciate the continued support from our community of thousands of customers and Sweepers.


Morris & The Sweeps Team

March 14, 2020

Mary Lou & Morris in 2006, The Sweeps 2019 Holiday Party, Mariana & Morris in 2020