What is the Sweeper Spotlight?

Each week Sweeps features a Sweeper and donates $15 to the organization or cause of their choice. For more information on the program click here.

Joshua has selected LGBT Center of Raleigh for his $15 donation.

LGBT Center of Raleigh works to strengthen individual and community development through LGBT persons and their friends and supporters.

Learn more about the LGBT Center by checking out their website.

Joshua came to Sweeps looking for a way to help people out while helping himself. “I signed up to make professional acquaintances, gain skills in hard labor, and make extra money while in college,” he said.

A student of the social work program at Wake Technical Community College, Joshua wants to advocate for the welfare of children. “I want to make sure that every child is heard, has a safe place to grow, and develop without being fearful of coming into harm’s way,” Joshua told Sweeps.

It’s this same passion for those in his community that led Joshua to ask Sweeps to donate to the LGBT Center of Raleigh. The Center hosts a variety of programs and events aimed to support and advocate for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

“I support this organization because I am part of the community, and Sweep’s support could help us to raise money for weekly events, fundraisers, and informational learning sessions on what living in a diverse culture and lifestyle is all about!”

Read more about the LGBT Center of Raleigh and donate here.

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