Whether you are planning a dinner party for a few friends or an extravagant wedding ceremony, everyone knows that hosting an event is no easy task. From choosing a date to cleaning up afterwards, and everything in between, many jobs are required for putting on a successful event. To tackle this continuously growing list of jobs in an efficient manner, it is essential to delegate tasks. Promoting, staffing, and setting up/breaking down equipment are just a few jobs to let someone else take on.

Promotion takes up a great deal of time that can be spent more efficiently doing something else. Event promotion includes designing and distributing fliers, contacting organizations and individuals, and personally meeting with people to tell about the event. Delegating this task to one person as their sole focus will not only free up valuable time for the planner, but will likely generate a more efficient promotional campaign for the event.

Staffing an event is also of great importance. There must be enough people working during the event for it to run smoothly. The number of jobs can vary depending on the event itself, however, a few examples include people to take up tickets, food and drink servers, bartenders, someone checking coats, and valet parkers. Having a sufficient number of people working together during an event eliminates much of the stress incorporated with being the host.

Aside from strategic planning, a great deal of manual labor goes along with setting up and breaking down equipment for any party or event. Even small events require moving chairs and tables to accommodate the group. Larger events usually have equipment that needs to be put together and set up by a group of strong individuals. Following the event, the same apparatus must be taken down and put away. Ensuring you have enough man-power for these tasks is essential.

The previous examples are just a snapshot of the endless number of tasks individuals and companies need help with on a weekly/daily basis. Part-time labor is a driving force in local economies, and knowing where to look to find assistance is paramount. That is where Sweeps can help.

College students are always in search of various jobs that will give them extra spending money. Often too busy to take on a full-time job, they are the perfect part-time workforce. If you live in the Triangle area and are in search of event help, we are here to help. Sweeps is the best way to hire college students. We connect those in need of various help and services with eager and dedicated students from UNC, Duke, and NCSU. Comprised of 200+ students who have completed over 1200 jobs, we have students who will promote, staff, and set up and break down any event.