Sweeps Helps Business Pull Stunt at Adobe Summit

Sweepers as Guerrilla Monster Marketers

Sweepers made headlines this month in Utah when a gaggle of Frankenstein’s Monsters appeared at the Adobe Summit in Salt Lake City.  The Sweeper-Frankensteins were a part of a guerrilla marketing stunt by the London based tech company, Qubit, with the purpose of converting Adobe faithful into Qubit customers.  It was a pretty good go at Adobe–Qubit boldly compared their services to Frankenstein’s Monster!  The Sweepers encouraged conference attendees to “dump Frank” and sign up for Qubit.Solo Frank

We Got the Job Done With Little Notice

The event was a blast for all involved.  Qubit gave us little time and asked us to round up 20 Sweepers and four makeup artists in Salt Lake, and we delivered.  Sweepers met in secret at 5am on two days and received 3 hours’ worth of special effects makeup and prosthetic from professional makeup artists. It was pretty serious. In costume, the band headed to the Salt Palace Convention Center in time for the Summit’s opening and interacted with over 6,000 attendees at the entrance. At one point the Franks performed the dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller! It was a riot.  Many thanks to all the guys and the incredibly talented makeup artists.

Social Media Boost

Many of the Summit goers became a part of the stunt themselves by shooting selfies with the Franks and posting the pictures on social media.  The “#DumpFrank” tag blew up all over Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, with images of Sweepers as Frankensteins accompanying all of the online excitement.

instagram sweepers

#DumpFrank instagram

Needless to say Adobe was not pleased with this stunt.  However, Qubit reported it was a major success and we know they gained quite a few clients from the gag (as well as a major enemy).  It was a success for Sweeps as well: we broke into a new market and completed our biggest job to date!  We are thrilled Qubit reached out to us to help–we’d met one of their representatives at the Internet Summit in Raleigh last fall.

Creative Opportunities for Other Businesses

Sweeps is ready to help other businesses in creative ways, and we’re hoping to work with Qubit again in the future!  We know our college student Sweepers are itching for more awesome gigs like this.  At the CED Tech conference in Raleigh last year we got a Sweeper to don a Yeti costume for our friends at SnapYeti. The best part about this job: it was posted last minute from the conference as a dare by SnapYeti founder Justin Beard. We filled it, of course.

Sweeper Amir as SnapYeti with Produce Box

Sweeper Amir as the SnapYeti pilfering apples from The Produce Box at CED 2014

Check out the pictures and video to see our Frankensteins in action, and be thinking of ways Sweeps can help get your business noticed!

Sweeper Frankensteins Help Qubit Take On Adobe