Sweeps, along with several other North Carolina companies were featured in a Business North Carolina cover story on Millenials titled “Youth Rising”.

Founder Morris Gelblum unfortunately missed the cover photo shoot (while on a Sweeps Retreat in Colorado), but was featured alongside fellow team members as a member of North Carolina’s “Future Faces”.

You can read the article in full at the above links, or find a few quotes here:

““Every millennial has a slightly different take on business, but they share core values that are potentially transformative to our society. Entrepreneurship is being demo-cratized as we speak. The Web has blown up corporate America. These kids don’t know what they don’t know and are eager to try anything that speaks to their values and sparks their imagination.””

“Morris Gelblum, the geezer of the trio at age 28, has seen his cleaning business expand into a network of more than 900 college students across the state. Services now include everything from yard work to tutoring. Workers are paid $15 an hour.”

Morris hails from a family of Raleigh lawyers but never wanted to be one. What started out as a “fun venture” employing N.C. State students to clean offices has grown into a full-service company employing more than 900 college students across the state. Sweeps LLC is Triangle-based, though don’t go looking for a home office. Gelblum and his two partners run everything from their laptops. “We’re growing pretty rapidly,” he says, “but one thing my partners and I are trying to do is keep a proper perspective. We know we’re privileged to have found a business in the growing on-demand world that really fills a void and helps out people at the same time, one that we run from anywhere.”