Click here to view and print a PDF version of the Sweeps General Cleaning Checklist

Please amend or prioritize this list to your personal needs, including any tasks or projects you desire (laundry, dish washing, polishing, arranging cabinets/closets, whatever you need!).


___ Countertops and backsplashes cleaned (remove and replace items)

___ Sinks scoured and faucets cleaned and polished

___ Cabinet fronts wiped or dusted

___ Exterior of all large and small appliances cleaned

___ Floor vacuumed or mopped

___ Window sills wiped

___ Baseboards dusted or wiped

___ Table and chairs dusted or wiped

___ Fingerprints removed from light switches, doorframes, woodwork


___  Sink and tub scoured, fixtures and fittings polished and dried

___ Tub/Shower tiles cleaned and rinsed

___ Floor vacuumed or washed

___ Fingerprints removed

___ Baseboards dusted or wiped

___ Vanity top cleaned (remove and replace items)

___ Mirrors cleaned


___ Straighten bedcovers, change linens if new set left out

___ Dust all areas (top, front and underneath), furniture, lamps, frames, baseboards

___ Mirrors cleaned

___ Fingerprints removed

___ Vacuum floor and under beds

Other areas:

___ Dust (light fixtures, furniture, baseboards, window sills)

___ Vacuum

___ Pillows fluffed and repositioned

___ Hardwood floors dusted or vacuumed

___ Cobwebs removed

___ Glass tables cleaned

___ Fingerprints removed

___ Baseboards dusted

___ Trashed collected from each room and disposed