If you’ve been keeping up with the Sweeps blog, you’ll know that I, Rupali, am an intern. My work is done entirely on the Web, and Sweeps sometimes feels like a thing that only exists in my computer life. So I was really excited when I got to get off of my computer and be a Sweeper for a day!

Bren, a proud great-grandmother in Chapel Hill, needed some help ordering photos of her 2-year-old great-grandchild on a tricky website. I helped her learn how to navigate the photo website while she told me about her large family. I got to browse pictures of her great-grandson, an adorable little boy with curly blonde locks. Afterwards, Bren and I uploaded some pictures of her family to her Facebook. She and her husband were both incredibly sweet, and soon posted another tech help job with Sweeps. I guess they liked me, too!

Since that day, I’ve been a Sweeper two more times, doing tech help jobs for Bren. I often get to hear stories about Bren’s massive art collection and huge family. I always feel a real sense of reward and accomplishment after completing the job — whether that’s downloading games onto her computer or teaching her how to use Uber.

It’s nice to interact with community members outside the bubble of my university. Bren even tips me! (I usually buy myself a coffee or drink later that night with the tip, so it’s really a win-win.) Seeing Sweeps from the Sweeper side has really allowed me to appreciate the company even more. #sweepslife

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