The best gifts are not found at the mall.


‘Tis the season of giving. And shopping. And more shopping. And people telling you to go shopping.

Tired of it? We are too. We care less about the newest game system than we do the real things people need. We know that there are millions of people out there juggling work, school, kids, groceries, volunteering, and everything else that keeps us busy around the clock.

Traditionally many of us exchange gifts this month — whether for Christmas, Hanukkah, or an office holiday party.

Consider more. Photo credit: Kelvin Kay

Consider more.
Photo credit: Kelvin Kay

This year, we are asking people to consider how they can do more with their gift giving.

We want people to make an impact with their gifts, rather than spend money on stuff.


Gifts those of us at Sweeps are giving:

  • Helping Mom cook.
  • Giving out lunch date coupons to spend time with those we love.
  • Teaching someone how to do something.
  • Volunteering at a local hospital in honor of someone.
  • Helping Dad post stuff he’s trying to get rid of on Craigslist.
  • Going through Grandma’s storage unit with her.
  • Bringing our little brother to our favorite museum.
  • 20 pushups a day for our grandfather who passed away.

Additionally, many of us are giving out Sweeps Gift Certificates, an item we’ve just launched to fulfill this concept of giving. Sweepers are always on hand to help people get things done, and we know Sweepers make an impact in people’s lives daily.

Give a Sweeps Gift Certificate.