You know that feeling you get when you can’t contain your excitement?

I remember feeling it when I graduated from UNC. I completed my last final and fist pumped for a solid 2 days.

I learned that completing something challenging creates joy.

Each Sweeps jobs offers a similar opportunity to achieve bliss.
$$, hollaaa!

It pleases me to work at Sweeps, where it’s my job to share this opportunity for joy with college students.

We are recruiting college students to join us in the joy of work!

We’ve asked our existing Sweepers to help us spread the word, and are offering them $10 for each Sweeper they sign up who works job. Additionally the new Sweeper gets a $10 bonus.

Our forecasts are showing a record number of jobs coming this summer, and we need more Sweepers to work them. We offer at least $15 per hour to college students, and they get to work when and where they want! It’s super flexible and easy.

Know someone who’s interested? The sign up is over here.